Sobibor – The Germans “bred geese in order to drown out the shouts and torments of 250,000 jews murdered inside the gas chambers” !!!


One can investigate the Holocaust™ their entire lives, and never cease to discover new “horrors” about this most sacred “event” in world history.

As other preposterous fabricated horror stories (eg, human fat soap and human skin lampshades) are debunked, there is a constant need for the fabrication of new incredible and far-fetched horror stories.  And it doesn’t hurt to routinely discover “new evidence” of the Holyhoax, in order to disseminate the propaganda in jewspapers and TalmudVision, and constantly remind the goyim of the lampshading of the holy six quadrillion jews, and reinforce their white guilt .

Sponsored by the Yad Vashem hoax museum, for eight years now the Holyhoaxers have been purportedly conducting an “archaeological dig” at the site of Sobibor, where they tell us that 250,000 sacred jews were holocausted in gas chambers using exhaust from an engine.

The high priests of Holocaustianity say that the crafty Germans completely razed Sobibor just prior the end of the war, completely annihilating all evidence of what happened there.  And thus, we only have the “testimony” of the small number of “survivors” of the camp as “evidence” of the “mass genocide” that “occurred” there.

With the credibility of such “testimony” now falling into disrepute, the pushers of the Holocaust dogma need to manufacture some “archaeological evidence” to support the story.

What these jews claim to have found after supposedly digging is not so much of interest, as is what one archaeologist on the job related.

According to Wojciech Mazurek, “The extermination of people took place there; murder by smoke from an engine that killed everyone within 15 minutes in these gas chambers, in torment, shouting.  It is said that … the Nazis even bred geese in order to drown out these shouts so that prisoners could not have heard these shouts, these torments.”

Oy vey the horror!!  The depths of evil of the hated goyim are never-ending.  And the Germans — who invented and developed the most sophisticated technology during the war, including rockets and jet aircraft, could not just hook up a sound system and play music or something to accomplish the same task.  No, they bred geese!!

I can still hear it now.  Hundreds of Nazi geese devilishly quacking, as thousands of poor Satan’s chosen jews are holocausted in the engine smoke chamber of death.

Sobibor – The Germans “bred geese in order to drown out the shouts and torments of 250,000 jews murdered inside the gas chambers” !!!



Nova Scotia is overhauling its abortion policies, making the abortion pill available at no cost and removing the requirement for a physician’s referral to obtain a surgical abortion.

The province has been criticized as having some of Canada’s biggest abortion-access barriers, and Premier Stephen McNeil said Friday the changes are about providing women with the health care options they deserve.

McNeil, who is Roman Catholic, said he is comfortable with the decisions as a parent of a daughter who “deserves to have access to health care.”


Transgendered Cheerleaders


The NFL has a problem. It reeks to high heaven of masculinity, patriarchy, and males. The NFL can be a guiding light for the whole world now by bringing in transgendered cheerleaders.

The league must do this to answer for their sins of white male owners and fans disrespecting Black Lives Matters by not kneeling in solidarity with our murdered minority brothers and sisters.


Transgendered Cheerleaders



==California Is Already Preparing for a North Korean Nuclear Attack

Beware of radioactive pets, and don’t expect the feds to show up anytime soon.==

With U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un trading insults and threatening war, California officials are taking the threat of nuclear exchange seriously.

Noting the heightened North Korean threat, the Los Angeles-area Joint Regional Intelligence Center issued a bulletin last month warning that a nuclear attack on Southern California would be “catastrophic” and urged officials in the region to shore up their nuclear attack response plans.

The report cites North Korea’s late July test of an intercontinental ballistic missile that could, in theory, reach the West Coast of the United States. “North Korea’s propaganda videos feature ruins of San Francisco and Washington,” the document says.“North Korea’s propaganda videos feature ruins of San Francisco and Washington,” the document says.

The 16-page “Nuclear Attack Response Considerations” bulletin is dated Aug. 16 and marked for “official use only.” It was circulated last month to Los Angeles-area local, state, and federal agency personnel and also throughout the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies across the country.

The idea behind the unclassified report was to share planning and guidance with as wide a distribution as possible, according to two officials involved in responding to a nuclear strike and who received the bulletin. Many agencies are involved in responding to an attack and are often staffed with personnel without access to classified information.

DHS did not respond to requests for comment.

Much of the information in the report is based on well-known facts about the effects of a nuclear blast, including the effects of radiation, the possibly of an electromagnetic pulse disabling communications, and the destructive effects of the initial blast on human life and infrastructure.

Citing figures from the Rand Corp., the report says a nuclear blast at the Long Beach Port could cause more than $1 trillion in damage, including loss of life and destruction of homes and infrastructure.

In a section on “radiation protection basics,” the report offers a primer on what to do during a nuclear attack. “Lie face down and place hands under the body to protect exposed skin,” it recommends. “Remain flat until the heat and shock waves have passed.”

There are also sections explaining the basic mechanisms of a nuclear blast as it occurs and discussion of specific things expected to happen in the event of a nuclear attack that should be considered and prepared for in advance.

It also warns of the difficulties government authorities would likely encounter in dealing with the aftermath of a blast. The public will need to evacuate, the report says, but with “limited understanding of radiation risks, they will experience high anxiety and may be non-compliant.”

Challenges with contamination spread by pets and through clothing are among the many public health and logistical coordination issues spelled out for potential emergency responders.

“The consequences of a nuclear attack in Southern California would be catastrophic,” the report says. “Nonetheless, government entities and first responders are expected to remain operational to preserve human life, maintain order, and aid in the recovery process.”

The report, which is largely directed at local, state, and federal agencies and first responders located in the Los Angeles region, notes that the federal government will likely be of limited help immediately after a nuclear blast.

“[T]here will be no significant federal assistance at the scene for 24-72 hours following the attack,” the bulletin says.