Jew-Hating Black Dude Hunted by Police

Run! Don’t let these bastards catch you!

Sometimes, even the most humble among us is capable of doing something noble and notable. Bobo here (his real name isn’t known yet, but he’s probably called Bobo I guess) gave his all to fight back against ZOG.

Now he’s being hunted like an animal.

And get this:

He didn’t even do nuffin.

NY Daily News:

Cops are hunting for a teenage boy who shouted an anti-Semitic remark and threw a rock into a vehicle in Brooklyn on Tuesday, officials said.

The suspect shouted at his victim on Nostrand Ave. near Ave. J. in Midwood at 4:53 p.m., according to authorities. He then threw a rock through the rear driver’s side window of a 2015 Chrysler van which was traveling north on the avenue.

The teen suspect fled south on Nostrand Ave. on foot, police said. The victim did not suffer any injuries.

The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the incident, cops said.

What? Hate crimes? Don’t these bastards know that racism is prejudice + power? Bobo is Black, and thus incapable of being racist. Thus he couldn’t have committed a hate crime. Checkmate, bigots.

In fact, Jews are clearly the aggressor in this scenario. After all, Blacks were brought to America by Jewish slavers.


Just another example of Jewish business acumen, goyim.

The reality, of course, is that Whites have always treated Blacks well in America. Blacks lived better under slavery than at any other time in their history – the resentment they feel is entirely a result of Jewish agitation and manipulation. And the reason Jews rile up the Blacks is to help destabilize our society.

Jews understand that Blacks are easy to manipulate. They’ll basically believe anything you tell them. But this goes both ways. If the Negro population of America were to suddenly be informed of the Jewish problem and the role of these merchants in their “oppression,” then we’d start seeing these kinds of events non-stop.

Or at least, things would start getting really funny.

Jew-Hating Black Dude Hunted by Police

How a Spanish “Holocaust Victim” was Exposed as an Impostor

Enric Marco was exposed shortly before he was due to share a platform at the camp with then Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

Madrid-based historian Benito Bermejo, an expert on Spain’s deportees, became interested in Marco after meeting him at a conference in 2002. Bermejo found his story especially intriguing as Enric Marco claimed to have been imprisoned in Flossenbuerg, a camp in Bavaria and an unusual destination for a Spanish deportee.

Bermejo read all the versions he could find of Marco’s past, starting with his claim that he had been an anarchist forced to flee to France from his home city of Barcelona after the Spanish Civil War had been lost.

“I was curious, interested, but then I became very perplexed.”

“[Marco’s] version of events changed each time he told it, both about the camp and how he had got there,” Bermejo told the BBC.

Benito Bermejo also found it mysterious that on the few occasions he tried to talk to him face to face, Marco did not want to discuss his experiences in Germany.

As head of the Amical de Mauthausen, Marco showed a penchant for high-octane speeches packed with horrific details of life in Flossenbuerg.

He moved several MPs to tears when addressing Congress on International Holocaust Remembrance Day in January 2005.

Searching the foreign ministry archive, the historian found an official request from army command in Catalonia for information on Marco’s whereabouts, as he had failed to present himself for compulsory military service in 1943.

The foreign ministry replied that Marco was at that time employed by the Deutsche Werke naval shipyard in Kiel, northern Germany.

Far from fighting fascism, he had signed up as one of 20,000 Spaniards who worked for the Third Reich under a 1941 agreement between Franco and Hitler.

“So now I know that Marco was not a deportee, that he went to Germany voluntarily and that there is something strange going on,” says Bermejo.

But he still had doubts over the extent of Marco’s deception because some volunteer workers who got into trouble did end up in concentration camps.

Marco was briefly imprisoned in Kiel but never convicted, let alone sent to a camp.

For months Bermejo sought an explanation from him. Then, with the 60th anniversary event at Mauthausen days away, he sent a report to the prime minister’s office and the Amical association. And he waited.

“What more could I do? I decided that going public with what I knew would be a kind of declaration of war and very controversial at that moment.”

How a Spanish “Holocaust Victim” was Exposed as an Impostor

Black Man Openly Fantasizes About Slaughtering White Girls During Race War (VIDEO)

In the aftermath of the Charleston church shooting, the media has portrayed “racist white websites” as promoting and inspiring violence against nonwhites, when in fact these websites typically reject such accusations in favor of peaceful solutions. 

(Daily Stormer)

The media completely ignores the fact that the vast majority of interracial crime is committed by nonwhites against whites.

What most people fail to realize is that there is a growing number of black supremacists that openly talk about how they would love to kill white people. These are the types of people who typically believe that blacks designed the pyramids, Jesus was black, and that there were great advanced sub-Saharan African civilizations that white people covered up and didn’t include in the history books in order to oppress blacks or something. In the above video, we see a perfect example of the average black supremacist’s worldview.

Throughout the video, he details his diabolical plan to win the coming race war using ISIS style tactics. From 10:14 to 11:20 he talks about how he and his group of black freedom fighters will go to small white towns, hold white people hostage, and post up pictures of “big black bucks” holding a machete “to the throat of blonde haired blue eyed white girls.” From 6:57 to 7:58  he mentions his secret weapon that will “turn the tides” of the war… Soviet style black female snipers unleashing their ghetto attitude and directing it toward white people. From 8:20 to 9:10 he comes up with a master plan, raiding animal shelters and stealing dogs, cats, and birds to utilize against whites. Apparently he has been playing too much Pokemon. You can’t make this stuff up.

I wish I could just laugh off these delusional infantile fantasies, but the fact is, blacks did win race wars in Rhodesia and South Africa by committing brutal atrocities against whites, albeit with much help from the West’s sanctions, but still. I don’t believe a race war is coming to America any time soon, however the black on white crime rate must come to light and the myth that ‘all serial killers are white’ must end. According to PsychologyToday, black serial killers are statistically over-represented and under-reported by the media. I would be willing to bet that most of these black serial killers and interracial criminals hold anti-white views similar to the man in the video above. Many blacks do hate us, and they are lashing out to harm us.

Black Man Openly Fantasizes About Slaughtering White Girls During Race War (VIDEO)