Muslim Man Busted for Welfare Fraud. Family Says, “F*CK YOU AMERICA”

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BUFFALO, NY– A Muslim man who is not a U.S. citizen and yet somehow owns a deli in Buffalo, is facing charges for welfare fraud.

Ahmed Alshami, 37, has been charged with criminal possession of Public Benefit Cards, misuse of food stamps and criminal use of a public benefit card.

Investigators say Alshami allegedly purchased EBT cards (food stamps) from people who were willing to take cash for them, usually for half their worth.  It’s alleged Alshami would use the EBT cards to purchase items that he would re-sell in his store.

Investigators also say Alshami allegedly would have the card holder go to a supermarket and purchase the items to re-sell in his store.

Alshami is also being charged with burglary.  He is accused of stealing kitchen cabinets, a hot-water tank and baseboard heating unites from a rental property nearby.

He is being held on $2,000,000 bail and could be deported if immigration officials get involved.  His family was caught on camera leaving the court room.  They looked at the camera and said, “You happy now?  F*ck you all.  F*ck you America.” WATCH:

Muslim Man Busted for Welfare Fraud. Family Says, “F*CK YOU AMERICA”