John Lennon’s Dream

John Lennon’s Dream
By Brother Nathanael Kapner April 4, 2015 ©

“IMAGINE there’s no countries, Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion too.”

Thus intoned John Lennon in 1971 in his atheistic, world-without-borders song, Imagine.

Some say the “world stood still” the day Lennon was shot but others contend that Imagine’s lyrics stood on its head when Lennon’s slayer “killed” with “no religion” to “die for.”

Fast forward to 2015 and the Western World is wringing its hands over the incorporation of Crimea into the Russian Federation.

It’s John Lennon’s dream anew which if pursued will grow into a nuclear nightmare.

America and its EU puppet also have “no religion” to “die for” but its “killing” fields stretch from Syria to Iraq to Afghanistan and now to East Ukraine on the edges of Crimea.

The Empire has new clothes whose garments are woven by a globalized thread and needle.

Jewish neocons boast of an end of history by which countries must conform to America’s ‘democratic’ model.

Competing ideologies must give way to one player in town: ‘Democracy,’ where power is awarded to the highest bidder: Jews.

NO ‘ONE RELIGION TOO’IN JEWISH-INFORMED ‘democracy,’ nations with their own ways of governing pursuing their own national interests are denounced.

But countries assenting to Western values are ‘kosher-approved.’

Any state that contests same-sex marriage, privatization of public services, and America’s dollar-dominated global economic system, are reproached as “throwbacks to the dark ages,” a condemnation with anti-Christian overtones.

Countries such as Christian Russia, racially-united China, and Assad’s Syria simply don’t fit into Jewry’s scheme of things. Democracy loaded at the end of a gun is pointing at all three.

It’s a post-modern, post-historical strategy of global governance championed by Jewish savants and featherbrains who occupy Western newsrooms and halls of academia.

Self-interests pursued by states are no longer recognized by these quick-fix sages.

ONLY THE INTERESTS of the chosen whose orbit spins from Washington, to Berlin, to London, all the way to Tel Aviv are defended and defined as ‘universal’ values.

It’s a Jewish world after all and whoever doesn’t comply gets docked.

Lennon’s dream is a Jewish dream.

In a world with “no countries” there’s only one country, Israel.

Where there’s “no religion” there’s only one religion, the Jewish religion.

And the Goyim must submit!

John Lennon’s Dream

Interesting that Lincoln was killed by a jew before he could ship all the googles back to google land…


These sources claim John Wilkes Booth was Jewish. Two claim he was a full Jew, and two claim he was mixed.

*Pawns in the Game, William G. Carr, 1978, P.57, Noontide-Angriff.

*Prince of Players, Eleanor Ruggles, 1953, P.6 & 7. W.W. Norton.

*Antizion: A Survey of Commentary on Organized Jewry, William Grimstad,
1985, Noontide Press.

*CDL Report (Christian Defense League), James K Warner,
Issue # 275, November,2004 P.2

Interesting that Lincoln was killed by a jew before he could ship all the googles back to google land…

Sweden: White Women Told Not to Go Out Alone at Night Due to Rape Epedemic

The town of Östersund was described as “total crap” before it was enriched with vibrant diversity. People now feel ultimate joy, because of the Moslems.

(Daily Stormer)

Remember that this is a very small price to pay for all of the fantastic benefits of vibrant diversity.

Daily Mail:

Women in a town in northern Sweden have been warned not to walk alone at night in the wake of a spike in violent assaults and attempted rapes.

Police in Östersund made the unusual move to ask women not to go out unaccompanied after dark, after reports of eight brutal attacks, some by ‘men of foreign appearance‘, in just over two weeks.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, police said they ‘have never seen anything like it in Östersund’, a small town in the north of Sweden with a population of just 45,000.

It is extremely unusual for Swedish authorities to make such warnings, and it has not been well received in Sweden, a country proud of its progress in gender equality and women’s rights.

All incidents have taken place in Östersund since the 20th of February, and involved outdoor attacks where the perpetrators have been unknown to their female victims.

A police spokesperson added that in addition to the increased frequency, the attacks are also conspicuous as – despite being carried out late at night – none of the perpetrators were drunk.

‘The cases of the sexual harassment and attempted rapes have involved groups of up to three people,’ regional police chief Stephen Jerand told Sveriges Television.

‘What stands out is also that none of these perpetrators have been under the influence,’ he adds.

The most recent assault took place in the early hours of Sunday morning, when a woman was became the victim of an attempted rape by three young men in central Östersund.

She was brought to the ground by three unknown men shortly after 1am, after which the men tried to rip her trousers off, but the woman fought back and managed to escape.

The perpetrators have been described as ‘tall, slim, aged 18-25 and speaking Swedish with a foreign accent’.

Just a few hours later, police received another report of a lone woman being attacked by a young man in the same neighbourhood in central Östersund.

A police report states that an unknown man in his late 20s ‘whose appearance was described as foreign’ attacked the woman without provocation.

The man had reportedly walked up to her and punched her in the face with his fist, then thrown her to the ground, pushing her head into the asphalt, before running off.

Sweden: White Women Told Not to Go Out Alone at Night Due to Rape Epedemic