Google Employing 10,000 Contractors to Censor Holocaust Revisionism


Google is using a 10,000-strong army of independent contractors to flag “offensive or upsetting” content, in order to ensure that queries like “did the Holocaust happen” don’t push users to “misinformation, propaganda and hate speech”.

The review of search terms is being done by the company’s “quality raters”, a little-known corps of worldwide contractors that Google uses to assess the quality of its systems. The raters are given searches based on real queries to conduct, and are asked to score the results on whether they meet the needs of users.

These contractors work from a huge manual, first made public in 2013, describing every potential problem they could find with a given search query: whether or not it meets the user’s expectations, whether the result offered is low or high quality, and whether it’s spam, porn or illegal.

Strange that they would hire so many people to thwart their own search algorithms that they spent so much time and energy developing.

If Google was an honest operation they would let the search results organically speak for themselves. They are fighting a losing battle with this overt censorship. As artificial intelligence begins to enter the mainstream over the next 25 years or so they will not be able to control any of this information.

Google Employing 10,000 Contractors to Censor Holocaust Revisionism

One thought on “Google Employing 10,000 Contractors to Censor Holocaust Revisionism

  1. It looks as though the fight for free speech and free thought has begun in earnest. Jewoogle is becoming an increasingly strong medium for censorship. The emerging new religion and inquisition of the holocaust is remarkable in its stupidity. It’s time for reason and physical evidence to emerge once again (exactly what Jewoogle doesn’t require or do) and to set Planet Jew on flames, the fire being stoked by the weight of its own lies. The Reich Was Right!!!.

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