“The Camp of the Saints” by Jean Raspail


This is a staggeringly prophetic work of art. Written in 1973, it predicts precisely what is happening now in Europe and Germany with the allegedly unstoppable mass-immigration from a large number of countries. Thousands cross the border every day, with the German government’s approval. The population is mostly worried and uneasy, but there are also those who don’t realize what is really happening and who still cheer and clap when new groups are brought in, by now even in special trains on the government’s order.Time will tell even those who fail to understand. Eventually they will see the consequences.

I wonder how Raspail did this. The present is sad and very frightening, but reading his book helps to some extent.

The writing is first rate and the plot is gripping. All Europeans should read this as a matter of urgency as it provides a powerful rejoinder to much of the media propaganda dealing with the invasion of Europe.

Camp Of The Saints by Jean Raspail : Jean Raspail : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

“The Camp of the Saints” by Jean Raspail

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