Jewish PC media actively hides Black Crime


The news media has plenty of tricks up it’s sleeve to hide the true nature of these violent and criminal black savages. Pay close attention and you’ll soon pick out these very same editorial techniques in your area of the country.


If you’re a newly awakened White person out there, please stop and think about the utter BS they’ve been laying down on our heads when it comes to the real facts of crime. Blacks rape and murder decent, innocent White people all the time (go to that embedded link to see plenty). The traitorous media works hard to keep us Whites from figuring that out. The BS has been truly incredible.

The media has been snowing us for decades about these stinking blacks. Blacks kill each other and us White people at the drop of a hat. They are a totally murderous, evil race. The availability of guns just makes their violent nature worse. The Second Amendment is truly at risk simply because these wilding crazy animals are allowed to buy guns. I witnessed a slobbering, excited black gangsta buying a semi-auto AK at a gun store back in December that will probably end up killing someone somewhere before going into the police evidence locker.

Only recently have you started to see the barest few black crime stories reported in the media, but definitely not black-on-White killings. They are now trying to “balance things out” so we are less likely to notice the BS. But they still hide the majority of black criminality today — especially when it’s us Whites who are victims.

Jewish PC media actively hides Black Crime

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