STUDY: Drivers less likely to brake for African American pedestrians:

STUDY: Drivers less likely to brake for African American pedestrians

A new study appears to offer additional evidence that drivers are less likely to brake for African-American pedestrians trying to cross the street, a phenomenon known as “walking while black.”

Researchers at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas also found that the disparity is greater depending on whether the pedestrian is in a high- or low-income neighborhood: the average number of vehicles to pass by a black pedestrian who was already in the crosswalk was at least seven times higher compared with a white pedestrian in the wealthier neighborhood, the study’s lead researcher said.

I’d never stop for negroes during some sort of chimpout. And even if you discount being worried about being robbed it’s still a thing.

It’s literally because black people walk out into oncoming traffic and don’t have any sense of urgency to get out of the way. Then some liberal white kid or black chick in college observes this and writes an article about how evil White motorists don’t slow down for them.

Blacks do this passive-aggressive shit all the time and love inconveniencing white people. It’s not a paranoid racist belief, it’s an observable fact. If you pull into a grocery store parking lot and blacks are in the car next to you putting in groceries, they’ll open their doors so you can’t get out of your car and take their sweet old fucking time putting their groceries away. They walk slowly down sidewalks and hallways in groups so you can’t get by, or just hang around clogging it up doing pretend basketball jumpshots or whatever.

I hate this liberal shit, they make it seem like blacks are persecuted and hated over something so simple as the color of their skin. No, they’re fucking assholes, a virus in the system.


1. Blacks jaywalk more often, so there is a more chance they would encounter a driver that won’t brake for them, and overtime drivers would see them jaywalking more and get sick of it.

2. Blacks jaywalk slowly, and sometimes they are not even jaywalking across the road but just walking down the middle of it, like Michael “dindu nuffin” Brown did after he punched a store clerk in the face and stole cigars.

3. Slowing down your car around blacks might get you carjacked, pic above related.


His skull was fractured in ninety-one places and pushed into the brain. His left eye was so badly dislocated that it would have fallen into his sinus cavity had the surgeons not replaced the crushed bone with a piece of plastic. A permanent crater remains in his head despite efforts to correct it.

Fuck negroes.

STUDY: Drivers less likely to brake for African American pedestrians:

6 thoughts on “STUDY: Drivers less likely to brake for African American pedestrians:

  1. My grandmother was very religious and would attend meetings at churches with black people. In conversations with some of the black ladies, they would tell her that the NAACP would force them to go into downtown Los Angeles, on a certain day each month, and “Bump” white people off the sidewalk and into the street. Many of these women expressed dismay at having to do this, but were forced to do it by the joo-controlled NAACP. I’m sure that this practice wasn’t limited to just L.A., and was practiced all over the country. These conversations, that my grandmother had, took place in the 1930s.

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    1. After I posted my comment, I started wondering how the NAACP forced compliance with their orders to bump white people. Couldn’t the designated “bumpers” just say, “fuck you, I’m not going to do it?” Then I realized that the black people, who would be members of that ((organization)), were much higher on the pecking order, in the ghetto, than your typical porch monkeys; they would own small businesses, such as a grocery store, laundromat, barber shop, etcetera, and could be the subject of that age-old and effective practice, so beloved by the jooz, the BOYCOTT.

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  2. I don’t know if I would say beloved; I would say used. After all, the jooz’s used blacks as slaves to make
    themselves RICH. The jooz’s do hate Whites though and all they have accomplished and always have.

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