a teacher has this to tell us:


“I’m in my 30s and teach at a local community college. I’ve gotten pretty good at spotting students with nationalistic beliefs.

What I’ve seen is actually a massive backlash beginning to happen, I can see the waters receding as the tsunami is inbound. SJW, snowflake and related words are becoming incredibly common lexicon among kids from 18 to 23. Aposematic girls, including feminine men, are being cast aside by popular, productive individuals. The STEM programs are filled with men trying to become producers of society and even though some get kicked out of clubs for not being progressive enough, they are being bullied into radicals that the left will not anticipate. A simple conversation and opening few ideological trap doors, easy to do if you learn how to be a professor, will see an outpour of how much they hate the neoliberal elite.

Our next generation of kids who were raised in ultra-marxist elementary schools are beginning to reject the idea of cultural marxism, opting for rationalist views on society, self-identification and judgement of others.

Identity politics has birthed the new nationalists. This website is only a signifier of what is to come.”

a teacher has this to tell us:

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