6 thoughts on “World’s first human head transplant to be conducted in 2017

  1. Jan Sobieski. says:

    You can follow the cuckoojoo logic.
    A nose-job is fine and dandy, but the rest of the face makes a mockyry, and contradict’s pitilessly and emphatically,
    such effort’s at reconfiguring genetics driven ends,
    aided by scalpel alchemist’s, and bosseyed beak mohel’s,
    steeped in gung ho,heady, can do idealism’s.

    Like your footage of beyonce eeking, ooking, braying, and lowing in Church below,
    there’s only so much lipstick you can confer on a pig before one encounter’s insurmountable limitation’s that humble even the most gifted.

    So as with queer-trans-fluid-pedo-bestiality progress.
    It’s on to the next stage.
    Inevitable failure contained in its faulty pyhrric conception.

    I believe you have a famous darky surgeon obah derr.
    Perhap’s it could “give it a go”?

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  2. There’s no doubt this procedure will followed, until success. The hidden agenda, the oligarch’s will use this to achieve Godhood, better than an A.I. system. Imagine David Rockefeller immortal. The Reich was Right!!

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  3. Jan Sobieski says:

    What with the well documented goyeem organ rustling rebbe network’s, it’s like they’re attempting to avoid one unpleasant, but sadly inevitabe desiny,
    by using a craftily concieved “kike of many colon’s” strategy, that can only end as a putrescent featureless pile of mixed minced meat’s blowing complaining bubbles through a shofar shoah gut.
    Imagine meir silverman schumer larryking judgejudy and the marxbrother’s put through a woodchipper, sewn back togeter as one entity, and reanimated.
    No real difference.

    With an assured seat at the top table in himmel, you’d think they’d be more sanguine.

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