The jew Dairy Farmer behind woodstock:


A dairy farmer in Sullivan County, New York, had heard about a proposed mega-rock concert and its issues. He offered his farm land as a space for the famous Woodstock concert. His name was Max Yasgur and he was paid $75,000 for all 3 days (Wow, that was literally a fortune in 1969!).  He is quoted as saying “If we join them, we can turn those adversities that are the problems of America today into a hope for a brighter and more peaceful future…” Yeah, I’m living that bright future and believe me, it stinks!

When Yasgur died he received a full page obituary in Rolling Stone Magazine.

That and $75,000. Not a bad deal just for throwing a party to mock a murdered country.

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The jew Dairy Farmer behind woodstock:

2 thoughts on “The jew Dairy Farmer behind woodstock:

  1. Great reference. Michael Lang was also Kosher and as the inspirational leader of the Woodstock event, he managed to make a serious dent into the cultural integrity. Abbie Hoffman and the yippie/hippie/TMF groups, more subversion from the Kosher Cult. Would Max have rented out his property to a non-jewish good Goy?

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