India (poo in the loo land): Wild Dogs Drag Old Woman Out of Hospital, Devour Her

Daily Stormer
March 28, 2017


Hey, dogs have to eat too, you know.

Don’t ever let racists tell you that Indians are worthless subhumans. In fact, they are masters of creative thinking and solution-finding. This story illustrates how they have engineered their society to resolve multiple significant problems we’re still struggling with here in the west.

How can we deal with skyrocketing healthcare costs, an aging population that burdens the pension system, and the issue of feral dogs roaming the streets?

Let’s see how they do it in India.


Hey! Stop that! Indians are honorary Aryans, you know.

Fox News:

In what’s been described as a health care “horror,” a pack of dogs dragged a 70-year-old woman from a hospital in India before chewing up her body, according to a local report.

It marked the second such attack in the central state of Madhya Pradesh this year and the fifth attack in less than 10 months, the Times of India reported Sunday.

“Only her head and some upper body parts are left. The rest has been eaten up by animals,” Kotwali police official Mukesh Gaur said. Medics in Rajgarh identified the woman, Bishmillah Bai, by her purse and scraps of her clothing, one official added.

See, they’ve got a system going on. They let old people get eaten by wild dogs.

No pensions to pay, the hospitals get freed up, the animals get fed. It’s a perfect system.


A few more innovations like that, and India will be the most advance country on earth.

Paramedics had rushed her to the hospital for treatment on March 20 after she was found sick on a road, the Times reported, adding that her body may have been sitting outside the facility for up to 5 days before anybody noticed.

Trash workers discovered her chewed-up remains Sunday, according to the report.

“How did she end up in the backyard of the ward where she was admitted? Why wasn’t any information given to police after she went missing? And what did the authorities do to trace her? These are some of the aspects we are investigating,” Gaur added.


Sure… Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Really, I think the key to making America great again is to import as many Indians as possible so they can guide us towards this glorious future.

India (poo in the loo land): Wild Dogs Drag Old Woman Out of Hospital, Devour Her

2 thoughts on “India (poo in the loo land): Wild Dogs Drag Old Woman Out of Hospital, Devour Her

  1. art says:

    That’s story is one for the National Enquirer 🙂 OK but what about the poop crisis when almost every inched of land is a place where Hindooze can squat and leave a pile wherever they may, even when there are working toilets available. I Know we evil YTs push our racist cultural norms on noble peoples everywhere “Hey APU use the john and wipe your butt wash your hands” <<<tsk tsk that is so racist of me.

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