Masters of Deceit


Excellent book. As it was published in 1957, it’s a bit dated but Hoover (praise be to the ghostwriter) clearly sets forth how communists and latter day leftists go about wrecking the country from within to clear the field for a totalitarian takeover. The book is detailed and goes into great depths in order to educate the reader on the perils of radical leftism, how leftists operate, and how their organizations are structured. However, where Masters of Deceit truly shines is in its encouragement for the reader to resist leftism from within: by focusing on faith, community, family, and patriotism.

Analyzing current events through the lens of this book shows that the Left’s tactics are just the same as they’ve always been, to agitate and destabilize by indoctrination, stoking the fires of identity politics, and by spreading rabid anti American sentiment. Shows just how little has changed and how relevant this book still is 58 years after its publication.

Hoover was right! And now today in 2013 we’re watching it all unfold before our very eyes. Everyone needs to understand what an evil monster communism is. It’s NOT just another political philosophy – it’s a savage and murderous evil that slaughtered more people in the 20th century than all wars in all of human history combined. People need to realize that Socialism is just a vehicle that leads to Communism. Ultimately these governments crush and murder their citizens with an iron fist. The USA is foolishly headed right down that path as I type this. I only hope it’s not too late to stop it if people wake up and realize what’s happening.

Masters of Deceit

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