LOL! intellectually negroes are like children!!


This is in South American btw. How many negroes do you think lived there around a thousand years ago when this was built? LOL!! These huge stone steps are in Ollantaytambo.

Ollantaytambo (Quechua: Ullantaytampu) is a town and an Inca archaeological site in southern Peru.

This shouldn’t surprise us, they also believe ancient Egypt was a negro civilization!


“Why do negroes have to steal everyone else’s culture?
Instead of seeing great cultures and trying to make something for themselves.. they just keep stealing,  further perpetuating the idea that they accomplish nothing but theft.
Maybe if any of their ancestors decided to be virtuous, and think about the future, rather than easy quick solutions in the moment… maybe then one of them would have been inspirational enough for a group of those dumb ass negroes to get together and accomplish something great. for the first time in negrodom.
But alas, their lazy jealous negro genes compel them to want the quick easy solution. And so, you as an ordinary negro with no foresight decide to try and steal some more history.. making them and their shitty lazy useless people, look even worse in the process”

-Mr. York, my High School history teacher, 1980


LOL! intellectually negroes are like children!!

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