Social Conservatives Haven’t Paid Attention: 40% of Disney Staff was Gay in ’98

Social Conservatives Haven’t Paid Attention: 40% of Disney Staff was Gay in ’98

Mar 30, 2017


As the “gay moment” in Disney’s current box office hit Beauty and the Beast continues to shock evangelicals and social conservatives across America who have boycotted the film – believing it is kicking off an LGBT propaganda campaign – many do not realize that Disney has been aggressively promoting homosexuality for nearly two decades.

From The Little Mermaid animated sensation that hit theaters decades ago to the more recent Finding Dory and popular animated TV series Stars vs. the Forces of Evil, Disney has been promoting forms of homosexuality on the big and small screen – and even off the screen.

“They’ve come out of the closet with their propaganda efforts lately, as can be seen by their recent threat to pull filming in Georgia if the state backed a religious freedom bill,” Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH) President Peter LaBarbera asserted in his column on LifeSiteNews.

Embracing and encouraging the homosexual lifestyle

However, even preceding the introduction of Disney World’s annual “Gay Day” in Orlando, Florida, the children’s entertainment giant has touted its promotion of LGBT lifestyles worldwide and companywide.

“But even in 1998, former Disney CEO Michael Eisner told a homosexual leader that a whopping 40 percent of the entertainment corporation’s employees were ‘gay,’ according to a prominent LGBT activist caught on tape relaying the private conversation at a homosexual student event,” LaBarbera reported.

For years, LGBT activists have recognized Disney as being at the forefront of normalizing homosexuality across the United States – including in its personnel.

“The revelation came from then-HRC [Human Rights Campaign] Executive Director Elizabeth Birch, who keynoted an LGBT student conference at the University of California, Santa Cruz,” the pro-family activist pointed out. “Eisner corrected Birch when she told him that 30 percent of his employees were homosexual.”

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