Could immortality be the solution to white demographic decline?


Much ado is made about fertility rates but not much is said about death rates. Whites make up the vast majority of elderly people in the West and thus the majority of those dying from age-related illnesses.

Any future technology which radically cuts mortality rates would also slow down the demographic transition of white to non-white in Western countries.


It’s going to make retirement age skyrocket for sure.
It’s already constantly creeping up and won’t be too long till it’s 70 over here.
How this will be done, now that’s the interesting part.
I believe that what’s going to happen with this tech, is that you can buy a bit more life in small increments. No silver bullet for straight up immortality.
One way to extend lifespan is to clear out all of the non functional cells that are born out of the process when they divide themselves.
Eventually a lot of these accumulate in the body and you die.
So you go and clear out the senescent cells and get a bit more time for yourself.
No money to do it? Well go and get a loan, it’s not like you don’t have time to work a bit more and pay it off.
It’ll end up in people working for a fucking eternity in debt slavery, always buying a bit more time and getting more loans.

I really want this extreme life extension to happen though.
Being able to live for few hundred years would be fucking amazing on a place like Mars.
To see that place grow and to see infrastructure set in.
I wouldn’t go there with this current short lifespan, because I’d end up spending my time on a dusty rock, without ever seeing it grow into a proper society.
Extended life? Sure sign me up and I’ll fly there to colonize the place.

Could immortality be the solution to white demographic decline?

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