Cosmotheism: Divine Aryan Consciousness From Man to Super-Man


Life is short, must it also be empty? Must it also be bitter? Must its passing hold terror? Where is fulfillment to be found in the midst of shallow and empty things? Where is peace to be found in the midst of chaos and strife? Where is serenity to be obtained in a spiritual wasteland? Seek no more, for we give you these answer, and more. We show you the meaning and the purpose of things. We lead you from confusion and uncertainty to knowledge; from weakness to strength; from frustrated desire to fulfillment. Deep inside all of us, in our race-soul, there is a source of divine wisdom, of ages-old wisdom, of wisdom as old as the universe. That is the wisdom, the truth, of Cosmotheism. It is a truth of which most of us have been largely unconscious all our lives, but which now we have the opportunity to understand clearly and precisely… Dr. Pierce’s Cosmotheism is not a ‘revealed’ religion, but is instead what he called a natural religion, in that it rejects all of the claimed supernatural and unverifiable communications between a putative deity and man which find their way onto shining golden plates or ancient scrolls, instead having its basis in the realities of Nature that our eyes — and the investigations of science — have confirmed. In the drama of the evolution of life from non-living matter, and of higher and more conscious beings from lower forms of life, William Pierce sees a path of purpose and destiny for us.

This book touches on what I consider to be the deepest truth of all– the pattern written into the foundation of the universe for life to “read” eventually about who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. This information has been waiting there patiently for billions of years for us to open our eyes. This book compiles writings mostly from Dr. William Pierce on the cosmotheism religion, but also valuable writings from diverse others like Charles Lindbergh, etc. – who all naturally say the same kinds of things. This highlights the universality of these ideas.

I have studied religion for a long time, and there always seemed to be an “elephant” behind the scenes for me. When I heard the parable of “The Blind Men and the Elephant” for the first time, I was aware of exactly what that meant. There is a perennial philosophy of mankind which arises repeatedly across history — like the heartbeat of a new humanity being born into the modern age. However, each time it arises, it is not clear enough, there is not an objective foundation of amassed information, and most importantly there are blind men everywhere who have needs, fears, and desires of the age they are born into pressing down upon the ideas in their minds – minds already narrow and minds that have not made the journey of the originator of the ideas. . What happens then is these religious ideas get twisted and jumbled, ossified and inflexible, politicized and polemic, until they screech to a halt and become dead-ends—ends in themselves rather than a stage on an ultimate journey. It is like the evolution of life itself – animals that get pulled into a niche because of the needs of the hour become stunted and cannot progress. Their minds are shaped into instinct machines for the one small area of resources they occupy. They are dead-ends in the quest for information or universal truth –and they go extinct by the thousands without ever knowing where they came from, how they were made, where they are going. It is dark, violent, and hopeless for them. Cosmotheism shows why – and the way out. The panorama of life from the tiniest microbe to the largest whale is a great teacher – when a Cosmotheist awakens, it is the thread of life itself in an unbroken chain that awakens. He finds out who he is by looking at the past all around him. Such a man is a figurehead on the ship of life. His mind ascends to universal vision and reason – the “godhead” of religions past. It is easy to see why animal indulgences are called “sin” by the big religions of the past – for minds with this divine potential. Miracle minds. You must be willing to give your life above all other things for truth. Your motives must exist in a hierarchy with the truth motive on top, leading everything. It is also easy to see in the modern age why they spoke about eternity, souls, dangerous illusions, and the path of the creator in the past even when they had less knowledge. These things are real.

I have also studied the origins and philosophy of science. There is a common unifying thread that unites both science and religion. Seeing this basic unity is how you begin to see the elephant whole… quite contrary to our ideas about science and religion as opposites. It was increasingly obvious that “all roads lead to cosmotheism” in the patterns and laws of the universe. I had already discovered one great law of the history of life along the way – organisms that follow undarkened, whole, objective truth are favored by the universe over the longest time spans and across the most environmental obstacles. If you look at evolution as an information process, it becomes quite obvious. Eternal life comes to the universal organism that finds the most eternal truths and principles of the universe (sound like religion yet?). I had these ideas firmly in mind, and felt quite alone because I could find no one writing about these things, when I first read Dr. William Pierce’s writings on the topic. It was absolutely uncanny how perfectly my basic ideas of this topic (which I now call “cosmotheism” as well – I had no words for it back then) matched what he was saying. To me, it was a miracle – an epiphany. Here was a man ostracized and marginalized by the current culture unabashedly speaking about the secrets of the universe. He was part of my own awakening – but to fully open your eyes always puts you on the outside looking in. It made perfect sense that I would find truth spoken about by someone marginalized and persecuted by the current culture. Politics and social pressure was not able to press the levers of fear installed by evolution and shut off thought in his brain. That’s why he could see what I saw. It always seems to be the same way in history – for the founders of religions, and the founders of new ideas in science like heliocentrism, Faraday’s fields, or the germ theory of disease, etc..

Cosmotheism is not just a philosophy, not just a religion, it is the natural culmination of both – the ultimate religion and the ultimate natural philosophy. When alchemy and natural philosophy came together, we began the awesomely powerful science of chemistry. Alchemists (mystically) knew there was great power in combining substances, and science gave them what they needed to unlock the real magic of truth. With cosmotheism, it is science and religion coming together – as they were meant to. It is quite instructive to think about what our ancestors called “natural philosophy” –which later became modern science. Advanced religious minds of the day who engaged in this “natural philosophy” also liked to say they were reading the “other” holy book – the book of nature. I find this quite fitting. In fact, I titled my own cosmotheist – themed book “The Textbook of the Universe: the Genetic Ascent to God” because of this. Most religious ideas of the past are born as relatively naked truth (according to the understanding of the times) – then the blind men set to work, the politics of the day bends the light coming into clear minds over time until they can no longer make out what the origin of the light was in the first place. Most people do not gather enough information to see it. Truth requires gathering information, and truth is what sets a mind free to see the universe as it really is. In this way, in the modern age, cosmotheism is the ultimate religion. And humanity has never been more ready for the real thing.

With that short summary of cosmotheism as I understand it, you can now see exactly what this book is about. Having done that, I will now give you an idea of the particular strengths and weaknesses that I saw in this book. First off, it is the best compilation of William Pierce’s sporadic writings and speeches on the topic over many years. There is no other book like it anywhere. There are only 3 books I know of currently which cover the topic at all. This book, my book, and the universe itself, lol (it’s not exactly crowded in here…). Of the 3, this one is the easiest to read. My book is much more difficult to read and deals with brain science, psychological theory, epistemology, and evolution more (my own background). So this book is it if you want an introduction to these ideas. However, if the average person reads this, they should be warned that it is quite politically incorrect. That comes with the territory… (but then, I do not think any average person will be reading this.). He talks about race a lot. I think he has a valid point there in that truthfully each race has different challenges in this ultimate quest for truth – different landscapes to their motives to overcome etc. It is important to say in general that I do not agree with all the goals and ideas he had about revolution and his brand of politics and getting things done. But they are of course hinted at in this book too (unfortunately). I am more of a theorist and a pure truth-seeker in this regard, and Dr. Pierce was more of a doer. He wrote other completely action-oriented books of this sort and was a man of “action” as he said it in some of his writings about revolution and such. I feel that this was and is counterproductive and quite unnecessary, though I do not blame him for feeling strongly about these things. One of my main objectives in joining the group he started a few times was to head off any such actions (or disasters) any way I could, while cultivating higher knowledge, hope and optimism for the UNIVERSAL sheer power of these ideas. It was frustrating though I must say. The pen IS mightier than the sword! There is nothing sharper, harder, or more effective than the sword of truth. This is something humanity needs to do together or we won’t be able to do it. We need harmony, we need people working together according to their gifts like a symphony, like a higher brain. We need amassed resources and massive computer power. Some of the terminology Dr. Pierce uses is not the same as what I see in this – for example he talks about the “one purpose” and “our truth” a lot, but I would say the truth motive – seeking truth – is the one purpose for us now from which everything else arises, and that this is about “universal truth” not “our” truth. It is everyone’s truth whether they can see it or not. Ultimate collectively-harvested truth. Also, I like to show that this is truly the only way that humanity can ever hope to reach a lasting peace free from all war, ethnic, and religious conflicts. Another topic I emphasize more that he does not talk about very much is that we are already self-selecting. We are already making all kinds of laws and decisions as a society that have selective effects – evolutionary implications – that in the long run can destroy us, and destroy all hope of peace and harmony. I emphasize that we need to be conscious in this. Laws are eugenic systems. We have blind moral urges and urges to punish built in by evolution… and following these blindly is a sin too at times – like following any other urge or instinct without truth as the highest motive. (its like when we just had disgust as an emotion installed by evolution to protect and guide us imperfectly before we developed the germ theory of disease… before we gathered enough information to understand and see true meaning). Ironically, Prejudices installed by evolution are no substitute for science. But you can see that otherwise we came to the same basic ideas that are cosmotheism. Other than that, most religious books have a sort of gratuitous, comforting wooliness to them – as if you can say anything that sounds good as long as you can make it stick together. That is a difference with this book – the ideas are firmly based in natural law. It’s the real deal.

What you will be reading about is the future of humanity in this book. There is really just one path – it is like competing theories in science that way. Eventually you gather enough evidence, enough information, enough truth, and one theory logically stands out. Life is like that – and humankind is the answer to that question. Religion is like that too, really. Our ability to gather truth is our greatest blessing – it allows us to live anywhere. Across deserts, across the south pole, on the moon, in the oceans, on top of the tallest mountains. This means something against the struggles of life through time elucidated by our scientists – it says something. All meaning is built by information contexts and connections between things (much of my book is about how contexts shape meanings in cognitive psychology, etc.). Get enough information together, organized as accurately as possible, and you can see some pretty specific things that were hidden since the beginning of time – such as the periodic table of the elements showing us that there are never before seen elements with certain general properties in the holes in the table we have made from all this information. Today, we are at a threshold in the history of life on Earth – we are at the point of gathering enough information across disciplines to see ultimate meanings in things clearly – previously the province of religions “through a glass darkly”, but no more. (what Edward O. Wilson at Harvard wrote was the “Consilience” – the great coming-together of knowledge in humanity) What we see in this ultimate meaning is cosmotheism. It is a watershed moment in history and this is one of the best books which speaks of these ultimate meanings in the modern scientific universe. Besides that it is really interesting and Dr. Pierce has an engaging style of writing that makes it a good read.

Cosmotheism: Divine Aryan Consciousness From Man to Super-Man

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