Ethnic Dutch a minority in big cities, so how do they integrate?

Instead of being in the majority in large Dutch cities, the native Dutch have become a minority, according to Maurice Crul of Amsterdam’s VU university.

(Dutsch News)

Crul has been investigating migration and integration for 25 years and has just begun a major new study this year, not of migrant groups but of the ‘white ethnic Dutch’ ‘It’s already happening in Amsterdam.

Only one in three youngsters under the age of 15 is of Dutch parentage,’ Crul told Trouw. With a team of eight researchers, Crul is starting a unique €2.5m 5-year study of six large European cities, including Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Frankfurt, Antwerp, Malmö and Vienna will also come under the spotlight.

If you want to look at integration, you need to look at the ethnic white Dutch, he said. ‘Who adapts to who if there is no majority?,’ he said. ‘The ethnic Dutch are the most unstable factor in Amsterdam. They move in while they are at university, and then leave or move with their young families to the suburbs. Migrant groups sometimes live in the same spot for generations,’ he said.

Ethnic Dutch a minority in big cities, so how do they integrate?

5 thoughts on “Ethnic Dutch a minority in big cities, so how do they integrate?

  1. 0jr says:

    They dont intergrate they go and set up shop someplace else, or maybe they should go back to where they came from like new amsterdam


  2. Chad says:

    Unfortunately these “trends” are far greater problem in Western Europe, especially Northwestern Europe…the Dutch as I’ve observed are some of the most Jew-loving people on earth.

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      1. Chad says:

        Kikes are “inbred subhumans”, they should have been erased already, they are the cancer of the world!
        Time to purge and cleanse!
        This is the future of Europe if we don’t start – RaHoWa!

        Just send their “refugees” back to Asia and Africa ASAP where they belong!
        The ones who refuse kill them and use there rotten corpses pierced on wooden sticks to close the borders!

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