hallucinatory holocaust


Alright goy I’m going to show you mathematically how the Nazis could not have done what they are claimed to have done.

I’m not going to do any mental gymnastics and I’m only going to use math.

It takes around 2-2 1/2 hours to cremate a body with modern technology.
>remaining at the optimum temperature (1,400-1,800 degrees), the average weighted remains takes 2 to 2 ½ hours.

There were 6 “death camps” with crematoria and Auschwitz had 5.

Since it is unknown how many crematoria the other camps had we’ll use 5 as the base line for our calculations. Meaning that our total number of crematoria is 30.

Now 30*2hours is 60 Jews every 2 hours. Now divide the number of hours in a day by half and that means they could’ve cremated 720 Jews a day.
That’s 262,800 Jews a year killed then cremated in crematoria.
WW2 lasted 6 years.

Meaning they could’ve cremated and killed 1,576,800 Jews in the entire time WW2 went on AND assuming they were cremating 24/7.

Now that still leaves about 4,423,200 non-cremated Jews.
Dodger stadium can hold 56,000 people.

Meaning that there would be at least 78 Dodger Stadium sized mass graves dotting Germany’s landscape.

Where are the graves?
Where are the baseball stadium sized piles of bodies?

These mass graves would be everywhere and would be well documented yet Babi Yar is the largest mass grave we’ve found from WW2 which only had 33,000 in it. (give or take)

Please now explain mathematically how it could’ve been possible without loads of mass graves.

Reading more and more about this I think a lot of the lies came from these old fuckers
getting dementia and shit so they made up a bunch of random nonsense that
they saw in a fever dream while in the camps


hallucinatory holocaust

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