Adolf Hitler’s Bunker Recreated in Berlin

A replica of Adolf Hitler’s bunker, where the German leader spent his final days at the end of World War Two, has opened in central Berlin inside a former Wehrmacht air raid shelter.

Adolf Hitler spent the last phase of World War Two stuck inside a bunker, as recreated here in a NS-era air raid shelter in Berlin.

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A mock-up of Hitler’s living room-cum-office – but the furniture is not from the original bunker.

The Führer’s desk: As fighting raged outside, the Führer was holed up with his closest associates, including Eva Braun, who he married inside the bunker in his final hours.

This is believed to be the last official photo of Hitler – he shot himself on 30 April 1945.

The bunker, as seen in this model, had 30 rooms. It was located in the Reich Chancellery gardens near the Brandenburg Gate.

Photos tell the story of Hitler’s bunker in 1945 – some show Soviet troops posing inside it.

A US soldier inside the burnt-out bunker after Hitler’s suicide in 1945.

Soviet soldiers at alleged Hitler grave. In 1945, Soviet soldiers posed at Hitler’s alleged makeshift grave in war-ravaged Berlin.

In 1959, communist East Germany removed the debris of Hitler’s bunker – a notice is all that marks the spot now.

Adolf Hitler’s Bunker Recreated in Berlin

3 thoughts on “Adolf Hitler’s Bunker Recreated in Berlin

  1. 0jr says:

    That looks like the skull and bones club house where the idiot baby bush got initiated beating his meat inside a coffin while holding dadas hand for real


  2. In the defence of Berlin, were some comrades of the unknown:

    The ghost battalion.

    (Spaniard volunteers)

    That they succumbed rather than surrender.

    One of the episodes that I am told, was that one of the Spanish volunteers of the SS protecting Berlin, remained between enemy fire; without armament, and requesting their Spanish comrades to open fire against it; where was he surrounded by enemies. Some were made prisoners and ended up in gulags in Siberia.

    Franco ordered months ago to return Spanish volunteers to Spain, but many Spaniards had very vivid picture of the crimes of the Communists in Spain, and remained faithful to the German army, thousands scattered by all Central Europe (with León Degrelle, others in N. Italy, others in France, etc), integrated bodies of the German army and other divisions. At the end some were requested to go to the area of the perimeter of the city of Berlin, which was about to be invaded.

    So, it should not be, but it is.

    The spirit of the Western Patriot (Hitler) remains and is immortal, despite the famous Propaganda (of war).

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