Pepsi now /ourdrink/


pepsi makes a commercial aimed towards SJW millenials
mfw it’s so cringy it makes millenials look bad
mfw pepsi thinks so little of millenials they made a non-sensical commerical and thought it would appeal to them
mfw pepsi just put the last nail in the coffin for generation Z

There is nothing gayer to high schoolers than marketing campaigns from large corporations. Pepsi just killed the SJW movement for generation Z

Pepsi now /ourdrink/

2 thoughts on “Pepsi now /ourdrink/

  1. Here, in Spain (amazing and innovative country, with irony on button) a few months ago a new formation in the Parliament passed a motion in the Senate to make a boycott to the Coca-Cola company.

    A few days ago, journalists captured photos of a leader of that political party (Communist) in the restaurant of the Chamber of Deputies; where a member ( ¨ Unidos Podemos ¨ ) with her tray of self – service bought two bottles of coca-cola.

    Spain is different, no doubt. Surreal.


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