People are rising in the streets. 50k protesters on yesterdays Belgrade protests, many more to come tonight. Smaller but still significant crowds in other towns: about 10k in Nis and Novi Sad. Several thousand people protesting in Kragujevac during the rain. Several thousands in Cacak, Subotica, Bor and Zajecar. Several hundreds also in Kraljevo, and other smaller cities.

Mixed crowd is attending the protests, apolitical people, liberals and right-wings are all in the streets. Protests are currently supported by Ljubisa Preletacevic Beli (Sarmu Probo Nisi), Sasa Jankovic (former ombudsman) and Bosko Obradovic (Dveri). Informal support was also given by Djordje Vukadinovic and NSPM, also by journalist Tesa Tesanovic who was leading the charge.

Government controlled media is trying to demonize protesters, but they can’t stop them now. They must prevail.



  1. Good for the Serbs, the traditional guardians of the west against middle eastern invasions i.e. the Ottoman Turks. Interesting how the eastern Europeans are standing up to the Muslim and black invasion. The Reich Was Right!!

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  2. 0jr says:

    The last time that happened the cia-mossad trained osama bin laden in jewmany gave him a new yougoslavian passport armed him gave him control of kfor sent him to a base in romania for where he could get safe passage in and out of serbia by nato to murder disarmed civilians and claim the dead were mudslime murdered by serbia he even said so in his first vid denying he did 911 after it happened.jeeewmurkia still has’nt paid to replace the bridge on the border a us jet rocketed with a train full of civilians trying to flee. as for jewmany I kinda sympatise because they still are an occupied nation zogged but not the west who brought it upon themselves especially the collonising countries there is no excuse for sweden since they were neutral in both WW’s I think it was sweden .The yougos lucked out last time when the russkies rushed in to save them like they are doing now in the ukraine ect.

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