A story someone sent me from 4chan:

I basically killed a black baby. AMA


see coal burning mother go enter elevator
>child is chained on a cuck leash
>child rushes out of elevator
>instead of sticking her hands out the elevator like a normal mother she just screams at her kid telling him to get in
>elevator closes
>*child starts to choke at the top of the elevator door
>evaluate the situation for a good 20 seconds
>remember mom is a coal burner
>remember chicago kidnapping
>Mom is screaming as elevator is descending
>child starts to stop moving
>leave back into my room
>nothing of value was lost


Similar case. Maybe I worded it a bit confusing)

I could have cut the leash, but I didn’t. Was I in THE wrong?
I feel kind of bad but that dumb bitch mom should have saved her kid.
I’m just hoping there wasn’t cameras that show me staring at the baby doing nothing.
Can I be legally held for NOT doing something?

*It was a backpack that had a security strap by the neck. Which choked him
I don’t know if you have never seen one of these things but they literally are leashes.


Reminds me of a similar story involving a coalburner and her buck I encountered a while back.
>be me
>going for a jog in the park
>not too many people since it’s a little chilly still but doesn’t bother me
>come to a more remote area with a lot of trees, see nignog in the distance, appears to be harassing a white woman
>get closer, notice the white woman is extremely obese
>nignog is yelling obscenities at her and she’s crying, he keeps raising his hand and she cowers in fear
>think she’s probably a coalburner due to the obesity but on the slim chance she’s actually just being harassed in the park by some nigger, I should call the police or at the very least ask if she needs assistance
>get almost close enough to say something, they turn around as they hear my footsteps
>notice a little poop-colored babby in her arm, couldn’t be more than 6 months
>laugh and keep running
Enjoy your life you retarded bitch.

A story someone sent me from 4chan:

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