Millennials are drones.


Millennials are actually more “educated” and work more than boomers, but they don’t get married or have sex, and they don’t move out. Millennials are not lazy, they are like insects. Ants never leave the hive, never have sex, and expend the minimum amount of energy on their routine, working constantly.

Millennials are not some generation of hippies. They are the kafkaesque insects of late stage capitalism. Sexless, genderless, fat blobs of menial labour, brimming with credentials and low on hormones.

Just think of how they live. They’re like little beetles, cloistered up in their parents’ house or studio apartment, no partner, no attachments, no deep emotions, other than hate, and no future. Just quietly aging, not accumulating capital and not reproducing. They are insects. They are what happens when human beings imitate ants by piling on top of each other by the millions and everyone has 5 times Dunbar’s number of Facebook “friends.” No intimacy. No mammalian activities. A bipedal bug.

Millennials are drones.

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