4 thoughts on “communist department store:

  1. Jan Sobieski says:

    You’ve seen this, right?
    If not, give it a skeptic’s perusal through jaundiced half closed eye’s.

    As an optimistic pessimist, given over to a certain understated Biblically incandescent, laconic hair-trigger fatalistic hatred, on occasion.
    Off-set only, by a dead eye’d deadpan sense of absurdity, viz a viz the death of a thousand cut’s Euro shlomohomocidal sojourn,
    and my limited abilities to extract adequate physical/spiritual compensation’s, as equitable quid pro quo.
    I found the main actor’s easy going, hand’s on” devil may care, but i don’t,” characterization,of his dillemma’s in such historically decisive, personally challenging time’s, to be very accurate, and beautifully played.
    Sadly the young actor died young.
    We all die.
    How not when, is the difference between shame for all eternity,.
    or a modicum of self respect.

    A movie that doesn’t project jewgayizm, or Obscenity, as it’s better known,
    outside satanwood.

    убить их всех, и пусть сатану разбирайся

    ubit’ ikh vsekh, i pust’ satanu razbiraysya

    Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita
    cover’s the supermarket heirarchy in post purim Russia.

    Any other J.S, posting from another locale, is not me.
    The lucky dastard!

    Any new’s on newsaxonvlad, and his post purim plans to obviate the design’s of full spectrum web dominance,
    using jacktheripperitic leofrankaic
    whackamole for weisenthal,
    Magic Kikel based conuring trick’s,
    His blog was an everyday go-to, i shared, and many are rather peeved.?

    Thank’s for the virtual chat, cup of tea.
    Good hunting.

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