in defense of prejudice

Above video features a non-white person who wants to tell white people that acting in their own self-interest is stupid and racist…


“Intelligence has been shown time and time again to be nurture, not nature”



-Race, skin:
There is more to race than meets the eye, however what meets the eye is the easiest way to identify it.
When you and your friend see a cube, you know its a cube, what material its made off you maybe wont be able to figure out, but youll know its a cube.
Same with race, sure they are not all the same, but at this point im ready to claim majority of blacks commit crime.
There are studies that found out that genetically blacks are going to be more aggressive. Warrior gene, warrior gene representation in race.
Furthermore you can check the situation in zimbabwe since forbidding white farmers to work.



^Pic source:
1860a document 2 pg 10 and 1860b document 8 pg 64

“Classical Liberal counter-arguments”…

I’m sorry, I cannot hear you over all these facts:
-Race-mixing is a cause and and contribution to various health issues

-Mixedrace children suffer from more health problems:,8599,1993074,00.html

-objection to skin color:

Skin color is connected to hormones that effect behavior and probably why black people commit so much crime. The darker the tone the more aggressive the animal.

The result is that Russian scientists now have a number of domesticated foxes that are fundamentally different in temperament and behavior from their wild forebears. Some important changes in physiology and morphology are now visible, such as mottled or spotted colored fur. Many scientists believe that these changes related to selection for tameness are caused by lower adrenaline production in the new breed, causing physiological changes in very few generations and thus yielding genetic combinations not present in the original species.
I think its perfectly sensible for any sane person to not want to be part of an islamic state under sharia law. Stoning, honor killings are not a showcase of a civilised society. Even if sharia wont be established today, i dont want in the future for my kids to be restricted in terms of what to eat drink and how to act. And more so, i dont want them to be forced into a religion, they should find their own path.
And before you say “notallmuslims”. Yes, all muslims, they all want to establish sharia law, that is their ideal society, even though every country under sharia law is a shithole, and if not every, most.
There was a muslim speaker, talking about donald trumps muslim ban in USA, he stated “all muslims will leave the country if that happens.” Living in a place thats not a sharia law and wont be under sharia law in the future, is unfathomable to them. Even though through constitution and some states specifically banned it already. They still cannot comprehend the concept of living in a state thats not under it.
They dont care about culture of countries they go in, they only care about the money they can suck out off it, and they only care about turning it into another sharia law country.

in defense of prejudice

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