Tavistock Institute: Social Engineering the Masses


The real story behind the Tavistock Institute and its network, from a popular conspiracy expert

The Tavistock Institute, in Sussex, England, describes itself as a nonprofit charity that applies social science to contemporary issues and problems. But this book posits that it is the world’s center for mass brainwashing and social engineering activities. It grew from a somewhat crude beginning at Wellington House into a sophisticated organization that was to shape the destiny of the entire planet, and in the process, change the paradigm of modern society. In this eye-opening work, both the Tavistock network and the methods of brainwashing and psychological warfare are uncovered. With connections to U.S. research institutes, think tanks, and the drug industry, the Tavistock has a large reach, and Tavistock Institute attempts to show that the conspiracy is real, who is behind it, what its final long term objectives are, and how we the people can stop them.

Tavistock Institute, Social Engineering the Masses, is a chilling account of how a complex nexus of institutions spread and implement an agenda of social destruction through drug abuse, New Age mysticism and the occult, a brain washing mass media and a perverted Cybernetics programme. Tavistock itself was ‘Britain’s premier psychological warfare centre’, working in allegiance with some of ‘the world’s leading sociologists, psychiatrists and anthropologists, the so-called “psychiatric shock troops”’ of despair. There’s Nazi witch doctors, war, assassinations, a whacked out generation of hippies and now inter-generational drug abusers, the CIA and plenty of the cultured elite that go towards making up this hocus pocus. Daniel does a brilliant job in distilling the works of H G Wells, the Huxley brothers, Bertrand Russell and Carl Jung to name a few and that omnipresent family of evil doers masquerading as humanitarians, the Rockefellers, are never far away to offer an obliging sack full of cash. The aim? Global oligarchic rule of course! The means to that end? Undermine social progress and turn society against itself.

As we watch the highly choreographed procession of Middle Eastern refugees – distressed and exhausted from NATO’s bombing campaigns- enter Europe; spare a thought for the Tavistock grin and those who made it possible.

Tavistock Institute: Social Engineering the Masses

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