more nigtard whining:


I’m willing to bet he did more than jaywalk, probably was a suspect of something and decided to walk away instead of answering questions…


He completely ignored the officer and tried to walk away, and then after that was being confrontational.

That said I’m pretty sure we’re not getting the full story especially considering it’s coming from fucking negroes, I seriously doubt the cop beat them over jaywalking.

Why is it that all nogs have a deathwish? Whenever someone with a fucking gun on their hip comes up to them they put on their badass act. Video clearly shows him taking off his jacket to start a fight with a fucking officer of the law
“he jus a good boy who dindu nuffin”

Even if the cop was “rayycisss”, handle that shit in court, not on the street.

They think of the world Whites built as a free jungle with water fountains and apartments where the only rule is don’t let anyone disrespect you. Monkeys, brother.

Neroes will literally do anything for attention. Most are on the mental level of small children at best. Whether it’s being disproportionately loud in public, wearing brightly-colored, garish clothing, or bitching about the slightest misfortune to fall their way in everyday life, they’ll do anything for it.


more nigtard whining:

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