4 thoughts on “jew totally chimps on goy for questioning his conditioning:

  1. I understand what the idiot was trying to say; why can’t the fucking jews? I understand that (((they))) were upset on Holocaust Remembrance Day,” when the word ‘jew,’ wasn’t spoken. Shit, I thought even holocaust deniers know that it refers to the chosen ones. Fucking snowflakes would melt if they landed on an ice cube.

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      1. One fact I find particularly interesting is that the Allies cracked the German code in ’43 and they heard nothing about them trying to exterminate the jews, or anyone else in their custody. Germany was terribly short of manpower due to the war and they needed what work they could get out of them for the war effort.
        What I find particularly offensive is they always whine about their imaginary holocaust yet hardly mumble a word of gratitude for the millions they lured to death with their despicable lies all so they could keep getting their unearned money out of the goyim via to their debt slavery.

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