Why is so much of Australia barren, uninhabitable desert? Well, Aboriginals used to hunt not by actually hunting, but by burning forests to the ground. It’s called “fire foraging”.

Researchers found remains of old fauna and excessive evidence to prove this. Not only that, but Australia was likely home to some of the largest living mammals and lizards. Think prehistoric big.
This happened for thousands of years until the land was simply a waste land of desert. The only reason the coasts are largely fertile is because these were population centers of Aboriginals after they destroyed all the inhabited land.

Australia could have been a living breathing Jurassic Park if Abos didn’t exist

Look up firestick farming.

 Not only is the Australia desert void of nearly all life, it has no water, so nothing can be done for it short of having some kind of Mars Tier Terraforming going on. Their country simply can’t support modern plants and fauna. That heat will kill anything. Not to mention the complete and utter lack of water.

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