trouble brewing on the horizon…


antifa suffers obvious defeat this week in Berkeley, an extreme lefist stronghold of all places
the far right has aligned with the normie trump right in their hate of antifa
antifa has been talking about how they need to arm and get more serious
Richard Spencer to show up at Auburn in Alabama this Friday, despite the campus cancelling his talk
Ann Coulter to speak at Berkeley on 4/27

Something bad’s going to happen soon. I think someone’s going to die. I bet that Auburn gets a strong turnout of armed military types, and antifa gets turned away again. Then when Coulter gets to Berkeley, they will be in full rage back on their home field. And maybe armed. I think someone’s going to die. The question is: who? And regardless of who dies, depending on what’s capture on video, either group could come out looking like the bad guy.

By the end of April, either antifa or /ourguys/ may very well be declared a terrorist group.

trouble brewing on the horizon…

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