6 thoughts on “Russian Government created an Anti-Navalny promo

    1. OK, I don’t speak Russian but I’ve been given to believe this video is against Navalny. If it is, apparently he’s being portrayed as a National Socialist and his National Socialism is being condemned. Am I mistaken? Have I been misinformed?

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  1. russiangal says:

    They are CIA fake Nazis. Just like the ones in Ukraine. I am not going to argue about it with you. I do like some of your posts but you are totally ignorant about Russia, Russian culture and Russian people. I am not pro Hitler but it doesn’t mean I am not pro white. Hitler admirers are just a small fraction of people, his time has passed and will never return. People like you only put divides in all that is left of white people and that is counter productive and is not helping our cause at all http://bit.ly/2oOsgcN


  2. Well, say completely ignorant by a comment from a user, acting in good faith, does not say much.

    Neither is assert, that any political system will once…

    When I hear someone saying pro – and sympathize, they end up saying almost always a smooth and correct speech.

    I do know the situation of Russia and Ukraine, but that does not mean that because you like me to investigate and know certain subjects I created in possession of absolute truth, especially with so much information intoxication.

    The case of Ukraine, have to be careful, because it is one thing to have a support of the nazis of the CIA (as indicated), and another overthrow a corrupt and fraudulent Government which was a branch of Russia (gas, trade, taxes, etc).

    Talking about Jews, but no one speaks of the masonry.

    Putin is Jewish, Zionist and mason (everyone who would like to enter into the KGB, should be).

    But what it is, here is a video with a politician in opposition, where his image is interrelated with the National Socialist salute (Roman salute), and administrator wanted to share a vision of the Government of Putin with whoever takes the opposite or simply want a change in their nation.

    However, discuss is healthy, as we do here. We try only to exchange our points of view in general.

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