stories about Aboriginals:


This is what happened to me/a friend:
>Be me
>be 18
>have friend that’s still into fucking scooters even though he’s fucking 17
>he buys some $500 scooter a couple weeks prior to the following:
>him, some other friends, and I are playing basketball down at a local court
>some pack of Abo kids walk over ask to play
>we start playing despite my protests
>he has his scooter to the side of the court
>one of the apes, probably 9 years old, starts using it
>he lets them
>I walk off, and have a drink
>watch him run off with it
>friend surprisingly runs of after him
>”it was just a joke; a prank; a meme; etc” the abo states
>friend accepts it as truth
>finish off game, and we go out separate ways
>we go to a local woolies, he leaves the scooter out the front
>buy some drinks and come back
>the fucking scooters gone
>see the pack of Abos run off with it
>I laugh
[a month later, or so]
>friend messages me to say he got his scooter back
>ask him how
>apparently he was going for a walk, saw one of the Abos riding his scooter
>abo bumps into another abo
>Abos started fighting, and threw scooter behind themselves (toward my friend)
>he grabs it and runs
>they don’t see him
[few days later]
>friend gets message request on Facebook
>it’s the fucking Abos
>they said, and I quote (minus spelling/grammar mistakes)
>”Give us your scooter, or we’ll burn your house down and murder your family”
>it wasn’t an empty threat
>over a fucking scooter
>gives them the scooter
>never called the police during any of it
>he was literally too much of a cuck to call the fucking cops


first arrive in Aboriginal Community
>there are two main streets, looks a lot like a old western town
>doctor tells me this town is government funded
>ask why it looks so bad then
>not enough funding (later learn this is a blatant lie, I’ll explain later)
>get to our hotel
>it’s got bars on the windows, walls made out of 6 inch thick bricks lined with rebar
>looks more like a prison
>same thing with all the official shops
>hotel owner tells me that alcohol is banned and you can get drug trafficking charges dropped on you for bringing in alcohol
>we arrived early so doctors get to work straight away
>set up a mobile medic center
>I stand guard whole time watching because it’s my first time doing a job so it’s interesting
>at the end of the day learn that at least 90% of them have some sort of STD
>tonnes of inbreeding
>kids as young as 12 pregnant by their brother, uncle or father
>doctors hear story of a girl in labor in one of the abandoned houses up the back of the community
>escort doctors there after locking everything
>house is fucking destroyed, but still looks somehow new
>turns out Abos get free housing built purposefully built by the government, they don’t clean and even shit in the fucking houses, practically destroying everything just because the government will give them a free one later on
>house smells like utter death
>garbage, dead animals and shit and piss fucking everywhere

girl around 10-12 years old completely naked with a belly as big as her
>8 fucking hour labor at like 12 at night
>I gotta sit there for fucking 8 hours watching this underaged girl give birth to make sure none of the family or elders interrupt
>can’t take her outside of the community because fucking Aboriginal communities practically live under their own rules unless the State itself is directly involved
>completely null to all the fucking insanity happening out here now
>doctors go to sleep
>I can’t sleep so I sit out front of their rooms with my fucking gun out just watching the main street
>suddenly a fucking all out street brawl out of fucking NOWHERE
>later find out that two different gangs named after 80’s metal bands leaders were fucking the same woman and wanted to fight for the right to monopolize her
>Aboriginals full on death brawl
>they have fucking hatchets and machetes
>call police but don’t interfere and decide to just watch it in the exact same place, sitting on my chair right infront of the doctors rooms with my gun out
>one guy lost an arm
>some guy got his skull caved in with a cricket bat and turned into a permanent retard
>one guy died
>police arrest everyone
>later find out the woman the two gangs were fighting over were was the head of a completely different gang called “The Celine Dion Sluts”
>she now rules the town
>doctors wake up to a fucking crime scene, blood fucking everywhere and me sitting on my chair with my gun out
1492960108909^their faces when


be me
>be 14
>in woodwork
>have a relief teacher, so everyone’s taking it slack
>bunch of Abos sitting at a table by themselves, talking jibberish no one can understand, but they were loud and annoying
>playing games on phone
>don’t do any work
>suddenly relief teacher gets up and tells everyone to show them their books
>show him mine
>sees literally nothing
>see him rise up in anger
>Abos go apeshit
>start screaming at the teacher that they were doing nothing wrong
>one throws a fucking chair
>hits the qt jap grill
>being edgy asf, I laugh
>Abos storm out of room, and slam door shattering the glass on it
>teacher apologises to me, and tells me to finish the work, now the Abos are gone
>mfw I do no work

in Northern Territory
>I had just finished a basic security job for some officials
>meet with a friend of mine who used to be a cop, now working as a private investigator
>He has a job to find out who stole the valuables of this rich family
>rich family didn’t really care for anything other than their family hand me down jewelry for sentimental value
>he finds out that among the items stolen was a phone
>so he gets the phones information from the family and connects it to his computer and gets a location
>him not being a cop anymore can’t storm the place, and I definitely can’t, so we take it to the police
>the police storm the place and let us tag along because we knew the person in charge
>we get there and there is about 30k in stolen property and a bunch of Aboriginals
>but, no phone and no jewelry
>so we do it again
>different property, different aboriginals, another 30-50k in stolen valuables
>again though, no phone and no jewelry
>so we track phone again
>same thing happens
>this happens about five times wracking up roughly 200k in stolen valuables before we caught the guy
>fucking aboriginals didn’t even know to turn off the fucking phone or take out the battery


on the train as a kid
>abo bitch and what looks like her son get on the train with bikes
>probably not theirs
>abo bitch bumps into a pram
>grandmother with the pram asks her to watch where she’s going
>abo bitch flips out
>tries to grab the grandmothers walking cane out of her hands to beat her with
>not strong enough to wrench a stick from an old woman
>other commuters start yelling at her
>one guy yells “YOU’RE A DISGRACE”
>abo replies “I’M NOONGAR CUNT” (noongar being the name of the abo tribe where I live)
>they get off at the next station




I work with an Italian guy.

Complete fucking degenerate.

He told me a long, boring story about how he picked up an Aboriginal prostitute. I thought he meant an actual prostitute, but he explained further and it was literally just some drunk creature like the one you see in the OP.

Said he got her in the back seat of his car for the root, gets the jeans down, and she had “maggots” in her “cunt”.

1492963429012I THINK he was confused and he was looking at crabs or lice. But…You never know…


My next door neighbours are Abo and the main suspects for stealing my mates ute and tools.

Nevertheless when they came banging on the door one night screaming for help I did the right thing and performed first aid while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

In a drunken argument one of them chopped his brother in the head with a machete.

After the cops arrived I started taking photos for keks.


be me
> rolling in on a day off
> 11am
> dande station
> drunk abo, with islander mate
> talking about all the extra shit you’re allowed to shoot when you’re an abo
> at 14 words per minute
> allowed to stick two endangered baby dolphins every year
> swigs melbourne bitter from tinnie
> sees somalis on opposite platform


be 2012
>me going uni
>take the train because no car
>Abo gets on train and smells like shit
>actual shit, like he poop’d his pants
>korean girl goes off in korean swearing at Abo
>understand some words coz koreaboo
>pajeet train guard come over to see commotion
>smells the Abo
>tells everyone to just move if they don’t like it
>about 4 people around Abo all move
>train starts again
>Abo gets off next stop and there is shit all over the seat


mate works in northern WA on minesite
>his mate works in the mine store, with access to chemicals
>fills vodka bottle with methylated spirits
>leaves under tree in notorious abo park one evening
>drives past next day
>ambulance/police at tree
>one abo dead, another almost dead


not really a funny story just an experience i felt like sharing
>get on train
>aboriginal going on lecturing people about “muh land” and what not
>not even shitting you drops to the ground and has a seizure
>some of the passengers are seeing to him
>myself just looking on in amazment.
>was a good day


headed to party at night with a mate
>walking from train station, head across suburban park
>two smashed abos enter park at our 12 o’clock, head towards us
>one asks for a smoke
>mate tosses the abo a cigarette pack with last smoke in it
>abo puts the smoke in his mouth and lights up
>his face catches fire, more than likely from huffing paint or turps
>abo runs around park screaming with his face on fire
>other abo chasing him trying to punch the flames out
>mate and I run away laughing hysterically


be me
>walking in city with family as early teen
>turn a corner
>3 drunk homeless abos
>try to walk past
>literally none of them can stand up straight
>one collapses on a public seat
>one leans against a tree and starts vomiting
>the smell of alcohol, piss, B.O and vomit is so strong it nearly makes my eyes water
>became race realist in that moment
>never changed


be 12ish
>trip round Australia with a caravan
>somewhere rural in camp park
>abbos live in house nearby
>fight breaks out
>cops come
>cops leave
>more fighting throwing shit
>cops come
>cops leave
>start trashing a car jumping on its windshield
>cops come
>cops leave

>As long as the abbos only fight each other cops don’t care


As a youth i lived in sydney b4 moving to tas
my encounter starts in Redfern police station
redfern used to be Abo captial of sydney ambos and firefighters wouldn’t enter Evelyn street due to being assaulted while trying to treat or help people so had to enter with police escorts (not sure if its changed much this was some years ago now)
> me and 4 mates arrested for painting
> Get put into holding they moved 3 abos out of the big tank to place into small units so me and my friends could be together
> next minute they are escorting the final abo he lunges at the officer missed and smashed his face on the desk blood everywhere
> we are held to about 4pm when officer told us go straight home dont do it again “alright mate”
> leaving police station i gotta get the train 2 second walk
> b4 i can walk down the stairs to the station 3 Big Abo cunts surround me
> ow shit im about to get smashed
>barly make out what he is talkin about “sorry what?”
>your SHOES
>”clicks” ow 10’s
>AWW to small for Jaydan ay guyz
> next moment im copping hits from all sides drop
>Wake up in a hospital broken nose and 2 broken ribs and missing half my tooth
they took my shoes my shirt and my pants and wallet phone and such basicly out the front of a police station only way they IDed me was the officer who just let me out found me
i fucking hate abos



All of this happened on a night out in Perth. Brit in Aus

>Mad bout EPL
>Kicking a bottle about with black lad shouting our teams
>Boot the bottle into group of Abo’s
>’Fucking nigger I’ll fuck you up bro’
>Scrawny 40 something looks 100 squares to black lad
>All of the others get up like spectators shouting to fuck me and my mate up
>Help black mate out
>’Fuck off lad’
>Shove him away
>Police see, dive in to help western boys

They were all talk before the police jumped in, they like to say bro and nigger alot.

>Later that night
>Lost friends
>On phone to find them smoking a cigarette
>’Giz a cigi bro’
>Ignore, shits pricey here
>Trips me as I’m walking
>Turn around
>’Are you fucking mad cunt?’
>Got that aussie lingo
>Put leg behind him and push him over
>Flat on his arse
>’Please bro giz a cigi, I just want a cigi’
>Tell him to go fucking buy some
>Walk away like it’s noones business

They’re all talk, soon as you stand up for yourself they panic. Some abo lady was screaming at me and my mate on the bus for talking too loud. Just casual conversation levels and she’s screaming over us. I turn around and tell her to fuck off and she storms off the bus claiming we stole this country at the next stop. Enjoy their iPhones don’t they eh?


in australia with aussie m8
>walk by an abbo hobo
>he stops
>kneels down to his face
>and goes “Sorry for putting you here m8!”
>then he walked away


be me
>finish work at a nightclub and have a beer
>walk over the road to mcdonalds with beer
>standing in line to order with 1/2 empty beer
>homeless abo woman enters
>barefoot with fucking yellow 3″ toe nails
>face like OP pic
>sees my beer
>walks up
>how much you want for it
>what? (it’s half fucking gone)
>give ya 2 bucks for it
>I’ll suck ya dick…
>1/2 the fucking store hears it and goes quiet
>FFS… Mfw can’t order breakfast without an abo freak wants to bite my dick off at 6 fucking am
>no thanks
>give her the beer
>fucken abos

*************************************************************************************   this is a very informative read.


Before they get completely into drugs and alcohol ( age 15) they run laps around any other race except maybe those Kenyans that run down antelope. In primary school we had a few and they were all really good at sport that just required being a great runner/sprinter. As for fighting, 1 v 1 they are not that different from others. They are quick though.But from what ive experienced but they always go for cheap shots and/or have their ‘cousins’ ready to king hit you if you knock one of them out. Honestly, the burgerbros are probably right about concealed carry because if you are surrounded by a group of them thats you only way out.

They’re fast, and their heads can take a lot of punishment. Better not to get into a fight with one, not only do they hunt in large packs, but they give zero fucks about knifing some poor cunt’s face for no reason. Add to that a generally elevated blood/alcohol level and they can hold up pretty well in a brawl. Have a look on youtube for abo fights, there’s a few classics around (Mungo vs Greg Brown is a good start):

Word to the wise don’t ever stop for abos when you are driving in the outback, and stay at a motel or hotel if you have to stay a night in a outback town.

Don’t end up like these tourists in this article.


stories about Aboriginals:

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