2 thoughts on “if negroes practiced what they preach:

  1. 0jr says:

    Do you really beleive that shitmonkies invented braiding ? Before the comb was invented it would have been virtually impossible to get the brillo pads on their heads unknoted, deliced ect. to do it. Also to this day afreakins wash themselves in cow pee and there is’nt enough cow pee in afreaka to get 1 of them clean. There was 1 shit monkey in my neighborhood that had about a foot long braids that was impossible to was and so matted impossible to unbraid and after it got head lice ect. they cound’nt use enough delouser ect. so they had to shave it’s head. If anything they did learn how to do back in the day they learned from monkies because it is a proven fact chimps are smarter than blacks ect.


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