My experience in living in Paris as a foreigner.


Everyone wants to know the truth. Is Paris really a multi ethnic multicultural dystopia or is just a meme? Here’s my experience in living in Paris.

-Gypsies were everywhere around the city begging for money and gypsy kids wait in front of ATM to steal your money.

-Don’t know how you manged to become homeless in France with all the social programs France gives you but black people somehow manged to do it. A lot of homeless black people living on the streets all around Paris.

-Mosque on every corner in Paris with that annoying singing/praying music coming from the mosque microphone.

-Everything is pretty much written in Arabic in Paris now days from shops to traffic signs.

-Occasionally Muslims will decide to pray in the middle of street and block you from getting to work.

-Literally like everyday there was some kind of protest in Paris which usually ends in violence with protesters attacking police and vandalizing everything around them. One thing you’ll always see in Paris is someones car on fire

-Armed military was everywhere around the city, always always harassing people and some even extorting you for money.

-Paris is very dirty city, there is trash everywhere, streets smell of shit and piss. If you’re a tourist don’t bother taking pictures of anything in Paris, it’s all vandalized now and graffiti all over it.

-Groups of Muslim migrants like 20-30 roaming the streets of Paris

Fellow Americans remember those books you got from the library about Paris when you’re in first or second grade? Well throw those books in the trash because that is nothing like today’s Paris.

My experience in living in Paris as a foreigner.

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