Rituals are powerful and there’s a reason theurgy is one of the 3 ‘sciences’ that Hermes Trismegistus is praised for inventing; theurgy (the use of ritual) is specifically powerful in that it allows for one’s entire body mind and spirit to be dedicated toward a specific intent.

If you DO believe that meme magic is real, then you would HAVE to believe that if, rather than sitting behind our computers with other tabs open, music on, and the tv on in the background, we were instead all in a giant hall performing a ritual toward the same end? This would have a greater effect.

Another way to explain the inherent power of ritual would be the placebo effect. The placebo effect is a bullshit term because it implies that you were ‘tricked’ essentially. What it really means is that when the mind believes something, it can manifest that end goal more easily

if you already believed in meme magic, and then you were to perform a ritual, you would believe in said magic far more intently. This is the reason ritual has been practiced since the dawn of man: it is meant to BREAK THE CONDITIONING and get you to believe far more strongly in that which you desire.


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