Just a reminder that /jews/ have lost the hoax war:


At Majdanek, it was originally claimed that 2 million Jews were killed in gas chambers. Today, thanks to revisionists, they claim less than 60,000 died at the camp (primarily of disease). The Red Cross examined the camp and estimated only 8,000 had died there.
That is a drop of almost 2 million. Yet most people don’t know this, and continue believing the number 6 million.
At Auschwitz, it was originally claimed 4 million people were killed in gas chambers. Today, the official number is 1.5 million. That is a drop of a further 2.5 million (though the whole jew genocide thing is complete bullshit).
People blindly believe 6 million died because they don’t want to bother to examine such a grisly topic. They take it on faith that what they have seen in movies and what little they were taught in school is accurate.

Auschwitz – Why The Gas Chambers Are A Myth:

The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth:

1/3rd of the Holocaust (debunked):

Buchenwald: A Dumb Dumb Portrayal of Evil:

The JQ:

The Last Days of the Big Lie
Spielberg’s Oscar-winning documentary about the Shoah uses discredited eyewitness Paul Parks, who lied about being in the unit that liberated Dachau.
He was even a known liar by the time Spielberg was making The Last Days, as an earlier documentary focusing on supposed black soldiers who had liberated concentration camps had been debunked by historians and actual army soldiers.
NO BLACKS were involved in liberating any camps. But that didn’t stop Spielberg from using Paul Parks as one of his 5 key witnesses in The Last Days. Because the ONE American soldier couldn’t be a WHITE guy, no he wanted it to be a NEGRO.
Other obvious lies are also exposed:


Just a reminder that /jews/ have lost the hoax war:

2 thoughts on “Just a reminder that /jews/ have lost the hoax war:

  1. It is not the difference between 2000,000 and 8000 that is important. It is the ratio of blowing up the figures

    So we know that everything they say is only 0.4% true.

    That confirms my past personal experience when dealing with them!

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