AntiFa/Red Guard/BAMN/etc… are terrorist organizations


It is imperative that every Police Department in the Unites States openly bans and categorizes all members of AntiFa/Red Guard/BAMN/etc as the Communist Domestic Terrorist Organizations that they are.

Definition of Domestic Terrorism under the Patriot Act of 2001

>(ctrl + F “802”)

Apart from categorizing these terrorist affiliations, the United States MUST demand justice be delivered to the Mayor of Berkeley, Jesse Arreguin for the harboring of members of these groups by ordering a Stand Down at the Patriot’s day rally on April 15th in Berkeley.

Mayor of Berkeley Harboring Terrorists

>(CTRL + F “803”)

Please refer to Section 811 as well to see the Penalties for Terrorist Conspiracies like the Antifa/BAMN/Redguard affiliation

It doesn’t stop there, for they are openly pro-Communist revolutionary groups created with the intent of violent attacks toward U.S citizens to promote their political advancement.

Patriot Act of 2001:

Anti-Commie Laws:

Make no mistake fellas, these people are a threat to national security and should NOT be just considered a group of angry snowflakes. Although that is exactly what they are, they are not exempt from the law. The moment a country like the United States stops enforcing the Law of the Land, is the moment you allow radical political ideologies rise through power through violence and tyranny.

AntiFa/Red Guard/BAMN/etc… are terrorist organizations

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