Leftist skank tries to shame grandpapi on the Internet, backfires

This guy is pretty smart, he has things figured out.

His granddaughter is a fucking brain dead imbecile though.

You must be an arrogant POS if you think you know more about the world than someone who is 4X older than you.

“hai guiz look how stoopid my grandfather is! uhg can you even? I can’t!”
Jesus christ. Even if you think his views are wrong and outdated, you don’t need to trash him on the internet just to virtue signal.
Wish I could have seen her cry on election night.


Reminds me of that video where some cucked degenerates make fun of their grandma for raising a toast to the fuhrer.

Anyway, girls like the one in the top video are so obnoxious. Throughout the generations this kind try to brow beat people with the most popular narrative of the day.
Few hundred years ago she’d probably be on her moral high horse about how devout of a Christian she is.

It’s the way the female brain operates relative to hierarchy. Their success depends on rapid integration, faux conformity, caste climbing and manipulation. The male success patterns revolve around team work, displays of social worth and contests for dominance.

Here’s the thing, these girls change their tunes VERY QUICKLY if they find themselves around a group of men of breeding age who have different views to the status quo.
I remember laughing at a girl and calling her a “believer” when she started prattling about the holocaust, and people laughed at her. She quickly became too insecure to voice this opinion.

If she was around a group of macho Aryan studs, she would quickly abandon all her views. She would probably start boasting about how her grampa is “soo racist” hehe.

Leftist skank tries to shame grandpapi on the Internet, backfires

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