Crazy liberal gets triggered when virtue signaling goes wrong:

Is this another of these “strong, independent, women” I keep hearing about?

Fuck this bitch.

She’s literally insane.


Typical Marxist cunt.



You can plainly see her sanity is hanging by the slenderest of threads.


(i love how she starts crying when there’s someone there to get sympathy from)

How unstable are these people? She goes in looking for conflict trying to be some kinda “”””hero””””” but when the guys don’t bend the knee and just agree with her like she wanted, she freaks out and cries like she’s just been raped.

The world is too frightening for her. She really should kill herself. It’s the only way.


These are the people voting to flood your country with immigrants and take away your rights. They have no grasp on reality as they have lived privileged sheltered lives. They are going to destroy your country and when they finally realize their mistake, it will be too late.

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Here’s more of this media whore:

the dead eyes and fishmouth


Of course like minded cry bullies organized to harass this business just because they didn’t want to listen to her insipid bullshit:



Crazy liberal gets triggered when virtue signaling goes wrong:

3 thoughts on “Crazy liberal gets triggered when virtue signaling goes wrong:

  1. Instant classic. Thanks for sharing. What’s really sad, though, is that this woman probably isn’t all that unusual. I work with people who would probably sympathize with her. Hopefully her kids will grow up to be Nazis – or, if she’s Jewish, self-hating Otto Weininger types.

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    1. Her kids are mixed darkeys, and yes, her entire community is just as crazy as her and they got one of the guys fired.
      The only comforting thought is that in the coming race war these cucks will be the first to perish.

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    2. Hey, I’m reading “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” right now.
      It’s weird, a book about black people, with dozens of negro characters, and NOBODY says “motherfucker”, not even once.
      I’m surprised this book was never mentioned in “Ripley’s Believe it or Not”.


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