Exposing Muslim rape gangs in the UK is now a crime.


Founder of the English Defense League has been arrested for contempt of court for live streaming his report outside the courthouse where 4 muslim men were on trial for raping a 16 year old white girl who wondered into their kebab shop to ask for directions.

>He only filmed himself.
>when the police asked him to leave he left.
>other reporters were there.

the police did not say anything about his filming but several days later, the police of that city drove 2 hours to Tommy’s home, knocked down his door and arrested him at 4 am. He is currently free on bail.

Freedom of Speech is dead in the western world, especially the UK, where Tommy was threatened by the police to not retweet death threats being sent to him from muslims.

One of the main arguments against anti-muslim rhetoric is that only a small percent of muslims are terrorist. Yet terrorism is not even the main reason why people resent muslims or islam, its the way they act and live in our society.

They are almost all guilty in my books. If you want to learn about why Islam is so dangerous and deceitful look up “abrogation in Islam”

Also why the fuck are you idiots not having as many white children as you possibly can. Money is not an excuse because it really is not that much. Go out and fuck some women, They don’t have to be 10/10 hot either. You don’t have to get married, your children wont end up degenerates if you are not.

Anyways here is the petition and donation link for Tommy.



Exposing Muslim rape gangs in the UK is now a crime.

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