Soros stranglehold on Canada:


Late 1990s:
>White European Canadians were a 90%+ majority until the 2000s and Canada was conservative, no LGBTQ+ bullshit
>All of a sudden, start seeing Africans, Muslims, Pakis, Chinks, etc everywhere
>Multiculturalism expands to hyper levels, every school/university/work place/government agency starts ramming diversity down our throats
>House prices start accelerating
>Wages start decreasing
Fast Forward 2017
>Toronto 30% white
>Vancouver <40% white
>Syrian Refugees 24/7 on TV/news
>White people can’t find work, it’s all non-whites getting jobs
>Average house price is $1M+ while salaries are 50K-60K max
>Refugees driving BMW and Mercedes
>Most Universities have non-white majorities
>White Europeans down to 65-68%
>Whites will be <50% by 2027
>Nobody really knows why this is happening so fast, government always touts (((250-300k))) “reasonable” immigration a year
>But nobody has ever heard of a white person immigrating in the last 20 years
>Turns out Canada is letting in 750K on permanent residency a year via various immigration schemes not publicized
>Canada lets in 1.2M a year on “temporary immigration” that’s 10 year work/live visas that lead to citizenship that aren’t even counted in public statistics
>Turns out secret GBA+ (Gender Based Analysis Plus) program is forced down every government decision maker including immigration officers to discriminate against straight whites
>Turns out 97% of immigrants are poor non-whites
>Turns out there is a secret organization called the Metropolis Project that holds an annual conference of 1,000+ government bureaucrats with the sole objective of letting in as many poor non-white migrants a year
>Turns out this organization started in 1998, around the time of the change
>Turns out George Soros started and funded the Metropolis Project through his Open Societies Foundation
>Government passed M-103 anti-Islamophobia motion, setting road to criminalize any criticism of migration policy
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Soros stranglehold on Canada:

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