the end of civilization:

I do not understand how there are even “educated” people who sincerely believe that when we’re all a single mud race, that strife between groups will disappear. It is not even hard to recognize that all of the strife that does currently exist is not because “hurr they got different skin color!”

Make the whole world one proportional mud race and people will still fight over differences in opinions, and probably more and more violently than ever. Fuck, even the urban vs rural fight will still exist, it exists in every nation on Earth.

These people are honestly beyond retarded. It’s obviously not about ending “racism” or promoting peace. If every country on earth except israel is niggerized it’s not hard to see who will be running that world.

(The following pictures are a slide show. Click one to enlarge them to see all these rage inducing images at full size)

Whites exposed jews a lot of times in history, so they are the greatest enemies of the jews as a race since jews rely on duplicity.
This is some kind of revenge on Whites for exposing them,  the destruction of white people and white genes, forever.
And it makes for easier manipulation, because once you’re mixed, you have a low IQ, like  around 70 ,and this makes it easier for jews to control you, and keep you forever brainwashed.


^^Aspiring to get a better economic life by not having children is literally the same as selling your genetic future on earth for some money today.

The ultimate form of financial debt. Genetic extinction.
if you show demographic data to people that they will be outbred within the next 20 years they will shrug their shoulders and say “so what all people are the same – are you racist?”.

I am done with trying to convince them. They deserve all of this and much worse. Just prepare for the end and make sure you get into valhalla.

the end of civilization:

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