Why is homeostasis a bad thing? I’m genuinely curious as to why whites/asians reaching this point in population is bad.

Darkies don’t get it. They also don’t get things like, agriculture, civilization, societal pillars, and reaching a balance with your surroundings (homeostasis).

Japan, like most of us in the US, do not want swathes of incompatibles migrating to our countries, replacing us.

Actually this is the height of hypocrisy feigning concern over our declining demographics. They are obviously being duplicitous with us. According to the Georgia Guide Stones they want to eventually reduce the world population down to five million anyway.

The only reason they want to artificially inflate the populations of first world nations with third-worlders is obviously to hasten the collapse of civilization so they can then wipe out the world’s excess population and establish their zionist slave Utopia.


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