Skin Pigmentation linked to Sexual Acitvity and Violence


Huge redpill on race. A 2012 study forwarded the idea that skin tone was genetically linked to sexual activity and violence. Apparently it’s widely observed that darker skin or hair pigmentation is linked directly with mutations which increase sexual activity and violence in animals. As we all know the same phenomenon is observed in humans. Even in sibling studies darker skin tone correlates strongly with sexual activity and violent behavior.

In breeding studies where animals were selectly primarily for docility, very frequently the animals would start demonstrating changes in skin or hair. The most frequent was the predominance of pibold coloring in domestic animals vs wild animals. This blond splotchiness was directly linked to docility and lower sexual activity.

full download here:

Race correlation for Psychopathy

This paper proposes that there are racial and ethnic differences in psychopathic personality conceptualised as a continuously distributed trait, such that high values of the trait are present in blacks and Native Americans, intermediate values in Hispanics, lower values in whites and the lowest values in East Asians. Part one of the paper sets out the evidence for this thesis. Part two applies the thesis to the unresolved problem in The Bell Curve that racial and ethnic differences in a number of social phenomena such as crime, welfare dependency, rates of marriage, etc. cannot be fully explained by differences in intelligence and proposes that some of the residual disparities are attributable to differences in psychopathic personality. Part three of the paper integrates the theory with Rushton’s r-K theory of race differences.

Available from: [accessed May 17, 2017].


Skin Pigmentation linked to Sexual Acitvity and Violence

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