Many whites are unconcerned about their becoming a minority in what were once their own countries…


when you mention to them that this is happening their only response is, “So?”.

But with regards to the “so?” response (aside from strangling them), you can just tell them that you think it’s wrong for a nation of people to give their country away to foreigners and go literally extinct in a few generations.

Make them realize that it’s happening to every single European/white country in the world. You can tell them that it’s a planned destruction of Western culture led by psychopathic liberal elites (no need to name the Jew, many politicians are open about it, including Trudeau who said we are the first “post-national state”, which is objectively communist rhetoric – most normies still associate communism with evil).

Explain to them that multiculturalism is a Marxist communist utopian idea, and that it has never been successful.

Tell them that you are gravely concerned about how whites will be treated in the future as a minority, especially considering all of the openly anti-white rhetoric pushed by the left. Then tel them about the openly planned genocide of the whites in South Africa that is occurring RIGHT NOW (the black communist government just announced they will seize all white farm land and businesses by the end of the summer). Tell them about how the whites there cannot find employment because blacks won’t hire them. Tell them how many hundreds of thousands of whites have been raped, tortured, and murdered in the past decade and a half.

But I think one of the best ways to handle it is to turn the questions over to them. Ask them things like “why should we want to become a minority?”. If they turn it around on you and ask why we should NOT want to, tell them that scientific studies and historical evidence indicate that the multicultural experiment is destined to fail spectacularly.

Remind them that other races in Canada are organized as distinct groups that act in their self interest. Ask them why whites should not also act in their self interest? Explain to them that the different demographic groups in Canada interact in a zero sum fashion, and that flooding our country with competition is an obviously bad idea.

Above all, try to get it across to them that the left’s goal is to exterminate whites. Talk about how the concept of “white privilege” is genocidal rhetoric that encourages and excuses violence towards whites, as under that ideology “it’s not possible to be racist to a white person”.

Many whites are unconcerned about their becoming a minority in what were once their own countries…

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