When will we fight back? when its too late?


They are prepping for the extinction of the white race before our very eyes. Taking down historical monuments, altering our history, taking over everything the white race has built.

And were just sitting by and letting them.

What will it take for us to rise up? will it take you losing your job because of “diversity reasons”? and not being able to get another job because you are white? how about refusing to serve you at a restaurant because youre white?

Non whites see the writing on the wall and they are chomping at the bit. You see it all over social media. “all whites be racis” “all whites should be fired to make room for diversity”.Hell they teach our kids in school that white is evil.

They are hungry to remove you and I from our very own home, from our very existence. Yet not one of us his hungry enough to defend our livelihoods.

And its only going to get worse.

They will continue to poke and prod, inch closer and closer to see what they can chip away next.To see what they can get away with.Until they’ve strip our very existence away so that we cease to exist.


When will we fight back? when its too late?

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