a Russian in Mexico


be schizophrenic Russian 
>get fired from your job as a diving coach in aquaworld since you are violent
>move to a slum in mexico
>somehow get the citizenship
>start harassing and attacking random people in the slum for months
>hit women, children, old people, random pedestrians and call them monkeys pieces of shit
>upload videos to youtube for months while doing this and claiming you are a nazi
>get arrested several times because of it, but never get deported, since you somehow have the citizenship
>people in the area get fed up of your shit so they create social media groups to track you down
>they find you
>they try to force you out of your house
>stab a 19yo who was with them while this happens
>the 19yo dies
>the angry mob beats you to a pulp


Mexicans complaining about criminals not getting deported?

That’s fucking classic.

a Russian in Mexico

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