Ben Klassen – Survival of the White Race ‘1975’ Lecture

This powerful 41-minute address serves as a concise primer to the racial problems of the world today as well as a presentation of the solution via the radial racial religion of Creativity. Originally recorded in 1975, the speech offers the listener an introduction to P.M. Ben Klassen, presents a unique perspective to the problems of the day (which remain unchanged since then), and additionally serves as a pleasant refresher for longtime activists.

In this lecture Ben Klassen gives an introduction to an ordered set of political and personal beliefs — one particular definition of a religion, if you will — which he entitles Creativity. This religion is a vehicle for advice, guidance, and moral support for white people and white people alone, and Klassen’s desire to market this for European-Americans exclusively while condemning those ethnic groups that contribute the negative effects of crime, corruption, disease, and poverty disproportionately to Western nations is all enough to cause every milksop liberal (and conservative) in view to piss his pants and start crying. Because, you see, it’s illogically “immoral” for white people to work in their own best group interests in a multicultural disintegrating society where competing ethnic groups are squabbling for the decreasing remaining resources.

Ben Klassen – Survival of the White Race ‘1975’ Lecture

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