jew world order


That is why the US has to go.
We are the most individualistic society in the world.
Just infect it with collectivism.

Science contradicts that 25% will resist.
Look at Selligman’s learned helplessness and resiliency studies.


Israel and Zionists in our Government are using a quantum supercomputer, called both the Oracle and the Black Cube, which they use to predict social responses. This Oracle reproduces every single Facebook, Twitter and etc. accounts for whichever country they target. Every human exists in a parallel reality, sometimes called the Shadow Sphere, because every person’s social life, including their opinions and feelings, are reproduced or “shadowed” by a very complex algorithm. Every store, every apartment building, every person is replicated. Before they do something, like releasing ANTIFA, they run innumerable scenarios in which nearly everything that can happen does, at some point, happen. The use this data to accurately predict when, where and how they can bet go forward with whatever phase of their plan they work on at any given time.

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jew world order

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